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10th anniversary

indian tree Rally for the cure

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Thank you to all our golfers this year. Together, we raised $18,275 for a total of over $123,000 in the last 10 years!

YOU make all the difference. Thank you for your time and donations to help raise money for those struggling with breast cancer and to help facilitate ongoing research. All money stays here for our men and women in Colorado.

We had a memorable 10th Anniversary Indian Tree Rally for the Cure and hope you did too. We appreciate you!


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Winners for the 2018 10th Anniversary of the Annual Indian Tree Rally for the Cure:

All Men (18 Hole Tournament):              Coed (18 Hole Tournament):

1st      Mark Gutrich     (61)                         1st      Jacquie Buttrick    (59)

2nd    John Beeble   (62)                           2nd     Donna Decker    (68)


All Women (18 Hole Tournament):          Par 3:

1st      Betty Heid      (74)                             1st      Debbie & Jean   (29)                                                 

2nd     Kathleen Essig   (76)                       2nd     Carol Douglas    (31)



Women: Jacquie Buttrick

Men: Andy St. Louis



Ray Lutrell



Pink Flamingo's


Mystery Teams:

Ann Jumper


Heads or Tails Winner:  Jay Hanson



Our 2018 Sponsors:

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Our History

This year together we raised $18,275 to stay here in CO for men and women diagnosed with breast cancer.

In the last 10 years, this tournament has raised over $123,000.

Thank you to all the sponsors and players who have contributed to this cause. We couldn't do this without you.

Let's get our pink on!

Our Survivor's Stories


ann wolta-blackstone - indian tree rally for the cure founder and tournament director

My journey with breast cancer started 23 years ago. I am a LPGA Teaching Professional at Indian Tree Golf Course and I wanted to do something to raise awareness and help others with their breast cancer journey. I am a two-time survivor and faced my second battle 7 years ago. As I completed chemo-therapy and a mastectomy, my friend helped me create the Indian Tree Rally for the Cure Golf Tournament, which raises money to help other women and men in Colorado fight their battles with breast cancer. 

I am very passionate for this cause and so happy that we have raised over $82,000 in the past eight years for Komen Colorado. These funds help Komen Colorado grant money to community organizations that can assist with mammograms and treatment for those who cannot afford it. 

My motto has been to Live, Laugh, Love and Learn and I am so excited that I am able to give back and help others. Join me in this effort to raise awareness and funds!

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kRISTINA SCHERmer - indian tree rally for the cure commitee member

Just weeks before my 27th birthday I was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine MRI. I was BRCA 2 positive and was simply being monitored closely. Being well aware of my family history I thought it would be best to be cautious. I could have never suspected that the very first MRI would reveal that I already had breast cancer in my left breast. Shortly after being diagnosed, I underwent a double mastectomy, egg fertilization, four rounds of chemotherapy and reconstruction. While the journey I would never wish on anyone has been something I have not only come to honor but being incredibly humbled that I was given breast cancer so young. The way my heart has softened, my perspective on the world and people I would not trade for a second. I would tell anyone it is the most beautiful heartbreaking journey you will ever go through. I just celebrated being one year cancer free on March 19, 2016.

Somehow this chapter of my life I was seeing as merely a singular chapter, a place in time that is and will get to be put on a shelf someday. I had compartmentalized this time and made it something that is almost removed from life itself. Almost as though I feel like my life was put on hold, and someday soon I hope to get to press play on it again. I soon decided that I didn’t want to see it that way. I don’t want to think of this time as something that was not living, because I am living now. I am very much alive.

I think that if I continue to see this time as a “pause” in my life I am robbing it of what it has been. What it has done. What I have learned. So often I am caught waiting to live until circumstances in my life fall into place. But rather I think that everything we do, everything we have, everything we feel and experience is the life we are given today.

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